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Saturday 22 October 2011

Tweet using Google plus

Whats up Guys?....................  Now a days Google + is hot trend even inside a Facebook and twitter.Even i also got google+ account and my curiosity is increased in Google. Usually i love to integrate all my accounts together soi am very much keen to found such way so that i am able to connect twitter with Google plus.So hopefully i am able to find such way.
How To Tweet Using Google Plus:
This plugin allow to tweet from Google plus.This plugin compatible with Google chrome,Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer Features:
2.URL shortener
3.Tweet picture -For sharing Picture

How To Install This Plugin:
1.Install Google + Twitter plugin
2.Install it
3.Restart Web browser(Automatic).
4.Go to Google plus
5.Click on Twitter button
6.Allow connection with Twitter/Sign in with Twitter
7.Click on Go
8.Start Tweeting.

By - HARRY CHAUHAN ....  Waiting for your Comments and likes . . Thanks.

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