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Wednesday 16 November 2011

How To Make a Burnout

Burnouts with cars are where the wheels spin, often causing a large amount of smoke, but the car does not move until the driver “pops” the car into motion. Burnouts are also known as brake burns, roll-backs and wheel-spins, depending on the technique. Heat caused by the inability of the tires to gain traction with the road, and instead suffer extreme friction causes a lot of squealing, smoke and burnt rubber.
Burnouts began in drag racing where there was a real reason for them: Drag racing tires must be heated before a race and a burnout is the best way to accomplish this goal. Burnouts also help clean drag racing tires, which is where the two strips of rubber on the pavement come from. Today, burning out has become an art in itself and competitions are held worldwide.

Burning out a regular car is a whole other matter, and cannot be done well in any old car (especially four cylinders) as they typically do not have the power/weight and torque dynamics, and obviously have the wrong kind of tires. Doing a burnout on street tires makes a lot of smoke, removes layers of expensive rubber, and accomplishes nothing of dynamic significance besides enjoyment. It can be done though,


  1. Find out if you have a front wheel drive (FWD) or a rear wheel drive (RWD) car.
  2. Check your hand brake, also known in slang as an E-brake, is functioning well.

Front Wheel Drive Cars

  1. Put the car in first gear.
  2. Hold in the clutch.
  3. Rev. the engine.
  4. Pull on the handbrake. Alternatively, you can skip this step.
  5. Release the clutch.
  6. Move the handbrake up and down to control the burnout.
  7. To stop the burnout ease off the accelerator and free the brake.
Rear Wheel Drive Cars
  1. Do a Basic RWD Burnout.
    1. Lightly hold down the brake with your left foot.
    2. Push the accelerator until the car moves forward a tiny bit.
    3. At the same time floor the gas and press the brake harder.

Manual Rear Wheel Drive Cars

    1. Depress the clutch, and rev the engine.
    2. In one quick motion, “dump” the clutch and press the brake pedal while flooring the gas.
  1. Use a line locker. A line locker is a device that modifies a car so the brake pedal only engages the front brakes. This dangerous and usually illegal device makes burnout on RWD cars easier and more dramatic. A line lock is a solenoid (fancy name for a switch) that gives you some extra buttons in the drivers seat to control your brakes. To do a burn out with a line locker installed:
    1. Step on the brakes.
    2. Push the line lock button.
    3. Release the brake pedal leaving your front brakes on and disengaging your back brakes, leaving those wheel free to spin, burn and make smoke.
    4. Release the line lock button to release the front brakes and move forward.
  2. Do a donut. A doughnut (donut in the USA) is a circular burnout. To do a donut in RWD cars:
    1. Find a large open area with no other cars, lampposts or other things you can hit. It is easy to lose control of a car with a donut.
    2. Begin driving in slow circles.
    3. Hit the gas hard so that the rear tires begin to lose traction.
    4. You will burn around in a circle.


  1. A rollback is just like a burnout, but performed on a hill. They are a good way to get a burnout in an underpowered car as the backward movement helps with traction after the burn.
    1. Find a hill.
    2. Put the car in first.
    3. Depress the clutch.
    4. Let the car roll backwards down the hill.
    5. Give the car plenty of gas.
    6. Pop the clutch.


  1. A Peel-Out is when the driver spins the wheels on the road before moving. This is a lesser form of burnout, because the intention is not to cause excessive tire wear, but merely to spin the wheels and create a little squeal. Peel-Outs are far easier and less dangerous to your car than a burnout. To perform the Peel-Out:
    1. Depress the clutch with the car in gear.
    2. Rev the engine high while releasing the clutch.
    3. Peeling-Out is often accomplished simply by flooring the gas pedal. This will not work in cars with small engines.

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