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Monday, 19 September 2011

Official Google Applications with ANDROID Market

Google has released various applications in the Android Market and some of these come already installed on most of the Android devices – like Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Search.
But others have to be downloaded from Android Market; we have compiled a list of these apps that have been developed by Google. The number comes around 40 apps, although we have tried our best, but we might have missed a few. But not all applications are available in every country and every device; some are regional apps as they support only certain languages or certain apps might support only few device types. So, the best way to check if one of these apps is available in your country is to go to the phone/tablet based Market app and try searching for that particular app – if it comes in the search results than you are good to go.

All Applications For Android Market
Google Map, Gmail, Google Search, Google Voice  Search, Street View on Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Shopper, Google Earth, Google Reader, Google Translator, Google Sky Map, Google Goggles, Google Books, Google Voice, Androidify, Gesture Search, Google+, Listen, Talkback, Soundback, Kickback, Google Chrome to Phone, Finance, Videos, Google Authenticator, Car Home, Google Apps Device Policy, Scoreboard, Google Body, Google Keyboard Apps, Orkut, Blogger, Google TV Remote, Youtube Remote, Panoramio Uploader, Google Apps Lookup, Intersection Explorer, Youtube and alots of more android have more than 10 lakh applications.

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