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Thursday 25 August 2011

The Secret to Getting More Traffic to Your Blog

It’s not about tactics, it’s all about strategy

Have you ever wondered why almost every single article you read on how to get traffic to a blog only list tactics to get traffic and why after following almost all the tactics listed in most of these articles you still can’t figure out why traffic isn’t coming to your blog.

Getting traffic to your blog isn’t all about following tactics such as commenting on other blogs, guest blogging etc. The key to getting more traffic to your blog is having the right strategy. It is all about having the right plan in place.

Instead of just using the latest traffic generation tactics why not use a strategy similar to the one below.

Write Epic Content: Your content is probably the most important thing on your blog and it might as well be the only reason why a lot of people are reading your blog. A very important reason you should focus on writing epic content is because most big bloggers have realized that the key to getting more traffic is writing content that begs to be shared and then focusing on making those readers stick. Your content speaks for you more than any other aspect of your blog. If you write great content that makes anyone who read it feel like you’re really there to help them you wouldn’t find it difficult getting them to stick to your blog.

Have a Friendly Design that Welcomes Readers and Make Your Content Easy to Share: One thing I’ve realized by being a blogger for almost two years now is that the success of your article will be determined not only by its title or points but also by how it is presented. Is it the fonts you use or how attractive your content looks? Every single element of your design can make a whole lot of difference in how people perceive your content.

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