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Saturday 19 November 2011

Volkswagen ET Electric Van Is Outside The World

The author F. Scott Fitzgerald once observed that the use of an exclamation point on his joke make you laugh. In this sense, we now see the latest work concepts, Volkswagen van. The carmaker has entered into a German post office and the University of Art at the Braunschweig can create! electric van.
The company says the vehicle is emission-free driving, and can be controlled with a joystick-type device on the passenger side, if necessary. We're not quite sure how this is probably the second feature to provide easier, but we are happy to help the efforts of the automobile to the practical jokers everywhere.
Perhaps most impressive is the fact that VW says the ET! can operate semi-autonomously. The vehicle can follow a person for the delivery of home or back to the driver after parking. Although no details are currently available in the vehicle powertrain, Volkswagen says the ET! is equipped with electronic door opener.

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