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Tuesday 4 October 2011

Free Discounts on Domino's Pizza

Cheat For Domino's Pizza...... ...... ...... By HARRY
Get 15% off on your Domino's Pizza everytime you order for your home delivery. What you have to do is just call the dominos order your pizza (any pizza whatever you like) and make your total bill of atleast Rs.300 and announce the coupon below i.e. 15% off and if they ask the coupon code then announce the code i.e. BT-038. The coupon which you are using looks like this.
You will get 15% off on your total amount of bill. And when your Pizza rings your home bell then do your payment and enjoy. And incase if the Pizza Man asks for the coupon then you can say that you announced the coupon code at the time of order and after that destroyed the coupon keeping in mind that now there is no use of this coupon. And the Pizza Man will not say anything as the bill is ready and cannot be edited on the spot. 
Important :- The trick works only when you order Your Home Delivery.
Funny Part :- You Don't even need a coupon to use this trick. Just remember the coupon code and how to apply my trick. 

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