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Tuesday 8 November 2011

Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

You can make you girlfriend feel special by doing the below

Be a good listener - Girls love to talk their heart out but rarely do they talk with the purpose of getting solutions. To them talking is an end to itself. Guys usually talk with a purpose, if they have problem or story to share. For guys talking is a means to and end which would be to get a solution or convey an opinions.

When you girlfriend talks to you about anything all you need to do is listen to her. So feeling compelled to put in your opinion or suggestion. She is usually not looking for a solution to her problems and is just thinking aloud. If she wants a solution would ask you directly. Be there for her when she wants to talk things out

Give her your time - It is possible to be bogged down by your work. There are countless relationships which have gone down the drain because the couple did not have time for each other due to their work.

Work is a part of life and it is temporary. Don’t give it more importance than it deserve, it is not prudent to become work centric. When you are with your girlfriend, don’t be thinking about your work. Try to take time out every now and take you girlfriend out for a cruise or a dinner, so that you can spend quality time together.
When you hold her as the most important priority in your life, she is bound to feel special.

Don't insult her judgment - Guys are prone to be more egoist than girls. Most guys would unconsciously snub their girlfriend for her opinions. Her judgments are important to her, its part of her conditioning. You need to understand this and allow her to have her opinions without imposing yours on it or insulting her for it.

Girls act like kids at times. She will feel special when you pamper her needs however silly they might seem to you.___

Ask her for advice - You can do this just to make her feel special. You might have the solution to a problem, but you can ask her for advice nevertheless. Girls love giving advice. She would feel special knowing that she has part to play in guiding your life.

Most guys who think they are too perfect to ask others for help would need to work on this for a while. Ask your girlfriend for advice on simple problems and let her come up with a solution. You will be amazed at how happy she will feel when you do this.

Get Romantic - Some guys need to work on their romantic nature while some are just natural at it. Girls are die hard romantic and they do feel the need for romance in the relationship however long term it might be.

Simple things like a surprise gift can make her feel touched. She would feel really special knowing that you took time out to go shopping for her and got her a gift. Get her something you know she will love, it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Even a box of candies would do great, if she loves chocolates (most girls do).

Always stand up for her - When in a crowd always stand up for your girlfriend. Most guys take the side of their friends or family members. For your girlfriend, you support would matter more than anything else.

If she feels that you will stand up for her no matter what the circumstance may be, she would feel protected and secure in your company. This would make her feel really special.

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