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Thursday 18 August 2011

How to Use Google AdSense Keyword

Article marketing is perhaps one of the most prominent online marketing strategies online businesses resort to. It primarily involves publishing search engine optimized articles on renowned websites (e.g. Hubpages) and article directories (e.g. Articlesbase and E-zine). The result, when done right, is increased traffic to a website and amplified search engine ranking.

In order to efficiently implement the article marketing strategy, you need SEO research tools that drastically speed up or automate the process. (search domain name)
With that in mind; I cannot begin to detail the wonders the AdSense Keyword Tool can do for your online business. In my opinion the Adsense Keyword Tool is the best free SEO research tool out in the market today, mainly because it works in correlation with Google AdSense.
The AdSense Keyword Tool allows you to perform functions such as finding content rich keywords with relatively high cost per click value, assessing the competition’s strengths, and pointing out trending topics.
It's crucial for article marketing to generate articles based on keywords that have at least a moderate search volume and moderate to high competition from other advertisers.
Moderate search volume means the keyword is still a budding niche, yet to be dominated by other article marketers.
High competition from advertisers means the keyword has high relevance. The AdSense Keyword Tool will help you achieve that and then some. 
The AdSense Keyword Tool can also help you single out which items or keywords are seasonal. This is particularly helpful in choosing which keywords to create and research content about during different quarters of the year.
For example, the keyword ‘Winter Clothing’ usually gets moderate search volume results from search engines during the lean months of September through November and hits its peak on December. With this information, you can expect increased and sustained traffic to your website in December and a couple of months prior if you generate articles based on the ‘Winter Clothing’ keyword.
To begin using the Adsense Keyword tool, simply go to Google and type in “Adsense Keyword Tool.” Pick the first display and click on it. The primary adsense keyword display will allow you to enter the keyword you want to have researched. Once you have typed in the keyword you would like to researched, you will need to enter the displayed code word to get you enter the see.
Once you have passed the security check, you are ready to begin your foray into keyword research and optimization. By reviewing the site and what it can do for you and your article marketing strategies, you will begin to see the improvements in your overall traffic numbers.
There are numerous YouTube videos and .pdf reports to help you learn how to use the tool efficiently. Traffic is necessary for your sites to succeed. Now who doesn't want more traffic?

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