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Wednesday 17 August 2011

Good income from Google Adsense

Good income from Google Adsense.
Once you create your blog, you can think of making some income through the blog.
Google helps you in making some good income by publishing its ads.
How do we do it?
Get registered with Google adsense program. It is free. Google displays relevant ads in blogs or sites of all sizes.
After creating your blogs (absolutely free) that abide by the Google Adsense eligibility criteria, you can get registered with Google adsense program.
The Google Team will look in to your application for adsense program and if you are accepted, then you will receive a positive response from Google in a week or two.
Do not be in a hurry and do not assume that your application would have been ignored.
You might also get a reply that your site is not accepted. Do not worry. For India and China, Google gives acceptance only for a blog or site that is atleast 6 months old.

If you try to create another account in a different mail, then your original account will also be deactivated.
Keep trying in the same id and after 6 months, you are sure to get a positive reply from them.
Once Google ads start running in your sites or blogs, you are sure to get good income online.

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