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Friday, 14 October 2011

When is Tomatina Celebrated?

Most Augusts only have figure Wednesdays and unremarkably, the Tomatina Tomato Advertize takes situation on the ordinal and ending Wednesday of the month. Yet, 2001 had fin Wednesday and the event was (ostensibly) held on the 22nd - the 4th Wed - not on the net Weekday of the period. But in Aug 2007, which again had quintet Wednesdays, the still was held on the penultimate Wednesday of the month. Disjointed? I am!
I emailed the organizers of the circumstance and they hold told me the event is always held on the antepenultimate Weekday of Revered.

Dates for Tomatina

Tomatina 2008 August 27
Tomatina 2009 August 26
Tomatina 2010 August 25
Tomatina 2011 August 31
Tomatina 2012 August 29
Tomatina 2013 August 28
Tomatina 2014 August 27
Tomatina 2015 August 26


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