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Monday 12 September 2011



Invisible Ink Pen with UV Light for Hidden Message and Counterfeit Money Detection Purpose
Currency Checker,   Glow Charger,      Hidden Highlighter
           The pen is made of plastic and the pen' ink is made of special high-brightness compounds that are invisible to the naked eye, but magically illuminate when exposed to the attached ultraviolet (UV) light. 
           When your secret messages, codes, diagrams, etc. Are written with this special UV pen they will be invisible to the naked eye.
           The message can only be seen under the light of our UV light. It is the smallest UV light in the world so it can be easily carried and used without the knowledge of those around you. Your messages can be written on paper, metal, plastic, or skin. Your secret message written with this pen will be invisible to the naked eye - It can only be seen with the UV Light.
Key Features:
  • Hidden Secret Messages .
  • Money/Visa Card Counterfeit Detection .
  • Emergency Light .
  • Security Marking
  • Marking your belongings in case they're stolen.
  • Keeping your computer passwords secure.
  • Sending secret notes.
  • Making "special" diary notations.
  • Recording pin numbers and access codes.
  • Your written message is illuminated only when you use UV on it.
  • Kids will be amazed with this .
  • Its a fun stuff for them, for elders, spread magic or communicate secretly with ur loved ones... purchase 2 pens... exchange letters that are blank... make others fools and u enjoy ur secret communication

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