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Monday 19 September 2011

Volks Wagon Jetta

At first glance, you may think this is the VW Vento, but upon closer inspection you will realise that it is the all-new VOLKSWAGON JETTA. For a car that’s making a fresh start, to be likened to its cheaper sibling can’t be a good thing. But there’s an upside too, VW has unified the look of all its latest-generation models. It’s also easy to mistake the Jetta for the bigger and more expensive Passat, which shares the same styling lineage.
The new JETTA really looks far removed from the model it replaces. The bland, rounded shape and soft contours are replaced by crisper (but equally bland) horizontal lines. The nose is the most interesting bit of the car with its wide, horizontal grille, angular lamps and a tray-shaped ‘splitter’. The overall styling is best defined as a clean and uncluttered.
The new car has grown in every dimension; it is now 90mm longer than its predecessor and gets an extra 58mm in the wheelbase, which hints at the best-in-class interior space. Despite all the extra sheet metal, the new Jetta weighs just 25kg more than before.
Step inside the Jetta and it feels like a mini-Passat, more than a grown up Vento with top-notch plastics, and exemplary fit and finish. The chunky steering wheel feels great to hold. The steering-mounted buttons are small but have a wonderfully tactile feel. The air-con vents feel solid too and the overall heft of the dashboard and door pads reveal the durable build of the car.

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