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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

| Heartbreak Ode |

This one is for all of you who have had their heart broken once in a while. My greetings to you all. Hope you get over it soon enough. ‘coz by god , it aint exactly a wonderful feeling. Now, is it??
But anyhow life goes on and we eventually let it go. Still the thoughts remain very well impregnated into our mind and may resurface to bother us no matter how much we say we are strong.
As they say. “we all are as strong as our weakest points.”

Here’s something that i wrote (you can call it as one of the experiences i had / or treat it as a fictional work. Its totally upto you.)
So, here goes……..

Heartbreak Ode

i sit down here, on a wooden chair
all by meself

with the rain lashing down, on the muddy ground 
in your thoughts i’m lost

i think and think, and in a blink 
i reach all those moments i saw

i watch u smile, that lovely style
which sure did take me by awe

i hear you laugh, of it i can’t get enough
i just want it there to stay

i see you cry, and by God i try 
to make you feel good again

to you it clings, my heart stings
until you are fine again

there ain’t much, that as such
i want to be done

want to hold your hand, but not like sand
that would just slip away

to show i care, i wanna be there
to be someone to fall back on

i don’t know what this love shit is?
or whether it  starts from down or above
but if it is this want that  i feel
then surely you are the one i love.

but all my thoughts, like rickety cots
got a wee bit timed out

i know you’ve found, someone fit and sound
to be the one for you

“wish we had some more time”
i said to you over and over again
you seemed to just overhear that
or maybe you did not understand

i kept on waiting for the right time to come
guess i waited too long
‘coz finally when time did come my way
it was late, and you were gone

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